About us

Lantai Partners (“Lantai”) is a full-service partnership law firm with extensive practice experience in many legal areas. Lantai is knowledgeable in both international and domestic fields, providing comprehensive and pragmatic legal solutions pursuant to a wide variety of transactions.

“Service Generating Return Value” – Lantai provides clients with high-quality legal services that satisfy current legal needs, as well as providing safeguards for anticipated future issues.

“Coordination and Specialization” – Our integrated management system enables Lantai to optimize the allocation of professional resources. Professional individual specialization and proactive client coordination form the bedrock of Lantai’s mission, as the firm endeavors to achieve continued excellence and improvement.

“Pragmatism and Innovation” – Lantai provides constructive practical legal solutions based on meticulous analysis and innovative synchronization with the latest changes in the legal and technological landscape.

“Beyond Excellence” – Lantai consistently exceeds expectations by contributing our finest effort to both our clients’ enterprises, and by doing our part for the development of the legal industry.

A Brief History

Founded in 2002, Lantai established its headquarters in Beijing, as well as a branch office in Tianjin. Pursuant to the founding partners’ innovative vision, Lantai has become a full-service law firm with comprehensive experience in most legal fields. Lantai employs over 300 lawyers, paralegals, and agents across most major cities in China, all of whom are graduates from prestigious law schools and universities in China and abroad. 70% of our attorneys have graduated with a masters or doctorate legal degree, and many have practiced before the Supreme People’s Court, at central authorities, or in leading international law firms. Some of our attorneys are also admitted to practice law in foreign jurisdictions, such as New York and Washington D.C. Lantai’s team is dedicated to delivering the best work tailored to the preferences of every client.

In order to deliver this first-class service, Lantai recruits and develops only the best talent. Our highly educated and creative young lawyers are honed at the very frontiers of the legal service industry. Our senior partners and attorneys have achieved recognition in the fields of capital international trade, capital markerts, antidumping, cross-border investment, venture capital, intellectual property, real estate & infrastructure, labor law, bankruptcy & restructuring, trusts, banking, finance, insurance, and dispute resolution. Lantai’s lawyers are dedicated to their continued professional development and are always pursuing new goals and accomplishments.