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Lantai Provides Legal Services for Yuanming Capital and Sino-rock Investment in connection with 15 million USD B-round Financing of Pharmacodia


  In April 2017, Pharmacodia finished signing of B-round financing documents and the financing closed at the end of May 2017.  Lantai represented joint leading investors Yuanming Capital and Sino-rock Investment, and a couple of other investors, in connection with the 15 million USD B-round investment to Pharmacodia.

  Pharmacodia group runs, an "Internet + Big Data Information Platform" focused on the integration of professional data and resource information of dozens of subjects relevant to pharmaceutical research and development, which provides "one-stop information solution" for global pharmaceutical R&D personnel.

  As legal advisor for Yuanming Capital and Sino-rock Investment, Lantai provides professional services for this financing transaction, including conducting legal due diligence on Pharmacoida, designing transaction structure, drafting transaction documents, and assisting in the negotiation and closing of the transaction.  Mr. Guang Yang, Ms. Haiyan Zhou, and Mr. Feng Zhang lead the legal team to advise on the transaction.

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