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Lantai Lawyers Assist in Holding 2013 CCLA Conference


  The 2013 CCLA Conference was sponsored by Legal Magazine, with many organizations contributing towards the event (including Lantai). This was held on 11th-12th January 2014 in Beijing HuaBin International Hotel.

  The event was attended by hundreds of legal advisers, outstanding lawyers, experts and scholars of corporate law, both from home and abroad. The theme of the annual meeting was “dream and turn”, which was based upon cutting-edge issues.

  Senior partners at Lantai were invited to participate in the conference. Mr. Yang Guang delivered a speech titled “The Differences between Arbitration and Lawsuits for the Same Case”, which focused on analyzing the differences of adjudicating through arbitration and adjudicating through lawsuits. This involved identifying the main differences between arbitration and lawsuits, and then commenting on the most appropriate way of solving commercial disputes.

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