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Lantai Lawyer Mr. Yang Qiang Attended the Capital Over-the-Counter Market Innovation and Development Forum


  The Over-the Counter (OTC) market in Beijing, designed to promote the construction and development of overseas capital markets to further enhance the capacity of the real economy,  held a forum on the innovation and development of the capital of the OTC market. This forum was held in the conference hall of the exhibition center of the Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone Convention Center.  Mr. Yao Gang, Vice President of CSRC, and Mr. Li Shixiang, the Deputy Mayor,  were both in attendance and delivered speeches.

  Mr. Yao Gang commented that  establishing a multilevel capital market was not the only  aim of the policy, but the  establishment of multi-department capital markets was also desired.

  To achieve  this objective, it was noted that we should firstly  diversify the  types of financing, and secondly match the corresponding level of the markets  to the different levels of development of the business enterprises. The innovation partly came from  the OTC market, which   did not aim to trade. Furthermore, it was concluded that we should strengthen market regulation,  with a particular focus on ascertaining the authenticity of the information disclosed. Managing partner of Lantai Mr. Yang Qiang attended this meeting.

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