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Lantai successfully finished the liquidation and cancellation of a collective enterprise in Dongcheng District, Beijing


  A 1984 founded collective enterprise in Dongcheng District, Beijing started the liquidation and cancellation. This service needed to make the embodiment of liquidation and cancellation in accordance with specific circumstances including forms of investment, current operating situation, etc.

  Lantai was authorized to be the lawyer of the project in April 2012. The person in charge of this service is Ms. WANG Xu, Partner of Lantai, and the work team including MS. MING Zhaojuan and 3 other professionals was established.

  Lantai lawyers complete the financial compensation and socialization of more than 60 employees in less than 1 month, and no labour disputes were raised as well as effectively reduced the amount of financial compensation. Lantai Lawyers also efficiently dealt with company’s asset, liquidate company’s credit and debt, and completed the liquidation and cancellation in 4 months.  

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