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Lantai’s partner, Mrs. Yao Xiaomin, chosen for the “Elite Lawyer” Award by Fang Yuan Magazine


  On 12th Jan 2014, Lantai’s partner Mrs. Yao Xiaomin was awarded the honor of “Elite Lawyer” in the annual attorney selection held by Fang Yuan Magazine.

  Fang Yuan Magazine, headed by the Supreme People's Procuratorate and hosted by Procuratorate Daily, is one of the most influential professional magazines. Its Elite Lawyer selection, known  for its strict public selection standards, has been a major event in Chinese lawyer circles since  its origination.

  Nine experts from the Supreme People's Court, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the National Lawyer’s Association and other units were invited by the host to serve as the professional accreditors.  Mrs. Yao’s impeccable professional achievements and wonderful live performances were highly recognized and praised by the judges.  Mrs. Yao eventually won the most competitive award, known as the award of “Annual Corporate Counsel”.

  Lantai Partners’ strategic objective is to be regarded asthe best corporate counsel, and the firm develops its  professional layout and talent pool based on  this objective.  Partner Mrs. Yao‘s winning the prize of “Annual Corporate Counsel”has proven to be the  best  demonstration of Lantai Partners’ strategic objective thus far.

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